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Australian MP calls for a Carbon Tax

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Friday, Feb 20, 2009


Speaking on ABC radio yesterday, Mr Robb said carbon taxes were being considered by the US and Canada and by an inquiry the Coalition had commissioned into the Rudd Government’s proposed emissions trading scheme.

“We have asked a committee of inquiry to look at all options including a tax and I think we need to be open-minded,” Mr Robb said.

But Mr Turnbull later said the Coalition’s position had not changed since it was in government, when it proposed an ETS.

“In fact we started to legislate for it.” he said.

“It was very different to the emissions trading scheme proposed by the Rudd Government.

“There is a lot of debate around the world about the merits of emissions trading, on the other hand, and of a carbon tax.

“The view that we’ve taken when we were in government and remains our policy today is that on balance an emissions trading scheme is more effective.”