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Australian parliament is 'hive of sexual activity'

A sex industry spokesman says people are having sex every day in the Australian parliament building.

Eros Foundation co-ordinator Robbie Swan says couples regularly have sex in the building's meditation room.

His comments come after reports of a former Labour spin doctor having sex in the Northern Territory parliament.

He says the meditation room is still being used for sex "almost on a daily basis".

"This has been going on in parliaments all over the country for many years," the Canberra-based spokesman told The Australian newspaper.

"The meditation room up in the federal parliament house above the Senate has been used for all sorts of people to have sex since parliament house opened here in 1988."

"There's 7,000 people working in parliament house here when it gets going. Some of them will have sex on the job - it's just part of what you do," Mr Swan added.

On the scandal in the Northern Territory, he commented: "It was a lot less offensive for most people than some of the parliamentary debates that take place where people call each other names and are abusive."

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