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BA in privacy row as passengers face being profiled by staff with iPads and snooping Google software

UK Daily Mail [1]
July 6, 2012

British Airways has been dragged into a privacy row over a scheme which uses Google to create dossiers of passenger information.

Staff at the airline are carrying iPads giving them instant access to customer data, including passengers’ travel history, meal requests and details of any previous complaints.

They will also use Google Images to search for pictures to link with passenger profiles, helping staff to identify them next time they fly. British Airways says the ‘Know Me’ scheme will improve customer service by making it more personalised.

But Nick Pickles, director of privacy group Big Brother Watch, said it was wrong to hunt for passengers’ information on the internet without their permission.

He said: ‘Fundamentally British Airways have not asked their passengers’ permission to search Google to find their picture or any other information.

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