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Background checks amount to ‘new tax on guns,’ Coburn insists

David Sherfinski
Washington Times [1]
April 15, 2013

The deal senators have struck to expand firearm background checks to all Internet and gun show sales will drive up prices for consumers, weapons retailers say.

Manufacturers say the deal, which is the crux of the gun bill that senators will begin debating this week, also includes language that gives background checks for sales at gun shows priority over in-store purchases — something their top trade group says is unfair.

Under current law, background checks are required for sales only by licensed retailers. The director of the top trade group for gun retailers said expanding checks to include Internet and gun show purchases will drive up prices and push business to federally licensed firearms retailers, who in many cases will perform the checks for private sellers.

“You’re going to have a lot more people paying a lot more money,” said Andrew Molchan [2], director of the Florida-based Professional Gun Retailers Association Inc. [3]

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