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Barack Obama’s half-brother fails to win seat in Kenyan elections

David Smith
London Guardian [1]
March 11, 2013

No he can’t. The half-brother of Barack Obama [2] found that sharing a surname with the world’s most powerful man was not enough to avoid atrouncing in Kenya’s elections. [3]

Malik Obama notched a meagre 2,792 votes in the race to be governor of Siaya, his home county in the west of the country. He finished about 140,000 behind the winner.

Malik Obama, 54, had promised change that, in the end, not enough people believed in. It was a manifesto that included reducing poverty, building infrastructure, industrialising and bringing American chains such as McDonald’s to his neglected rural area.

The defeated candidate, who stands 1.95 metres (6ft 4ins) tall, was born to the same Kenyan father as the US president but a different mother. Campaigning under the slogan “Obama here, Obama there”, he claimed that as governor he would have a “direct line to the White House”.

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