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Barton: We Won’t Let Obama Destroy American Jobs For “Some Esoteric Environmental Benefit 100 Years From Now”

Richard Cowan and Michael Szabo
Reuters [1]
Friday, December 18, 2009

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – As President Barack Obama labored behind closed doors to break a deadlock over efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, Republicans from the U.S. Congress were outside those meetings urging him not to bother.

“We’re not going to let jobs be destroyed in America for some esoteric environmental benefit 100 years from now,” U.S. House of Representatives member Joe Barton told Reuters on the sidelines of the U.N. conference on climate change.



Barton, who would take over a powerful House committee that oversees environmental policy if Republicans were to regain majority control of the House, said he does not believe industrial emissions of carbon dioxide contribute to global warming and fears capping them would hobble the economy.

“If I am chairman two years from now, I’m going to repeal” measures such as U.S. funding to help developing countries battle climate change, outlined by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday, the conservative Texas congressman boasted.

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