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BBC is backing election riots, claims Iran

Oliver Luft
London Guardian [1]
Monday, June 22, 2009

The Iranian foreign ministry has accused the BBC and Voice of America of being mouthpieces of their respective governments and seeking to engineer the ongoing riots that followed the presidential election.

Another Iranian ministry also threatened to take “more stern action” against British radio and television networks if they “continued to interfere” in the country’s domestic affairs.

Speaking at a news conference today, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said the BBC and Voice of America, the US government’s overseas broadcaster, had been given guidelines on their coverage of the continuing protests against the re-election of the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.



“They [the BBC and the VOA] are the mouthpiece of their government’s public diplomacy,” the BBC quoted Qashqavi as saying.

“They have two guidelines regarding Iran. One is to intensify ethnical and racial rifts within Iran and secondly to disintegrate the Iranian territories. Any contact with these channels, under any pretext or in any form, means contacting the enemy of the Iranian nation.

“How can they say they are unbiased when their TV channel is like a war headquarters and in fact they are blatantly commanding riots. Therefore their claims are absolutely wrong. Their governments have ratified decisions so that they can act in this way.” 

Full story here. [1]