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Big Brother database to protect children against paedophiles has gone too far

Daily Mail [1]
Saturday, September 12, 2009

A massive vetting system set up to safeguard children and the elderly has come under fire from Sir Michael Bichard – the man whose report into the Soham murders led to its creation.

One in four adults in Britain will have to be screened by the Independent Safeguarding Authority when it goes live next month, before they are allowed to work in any job involving access to children.

It could even cover those who do no more than give neighbours’ or friends’ children lifts to sports or club events.



As opposition to the massive expansion of state vetting of ordinary people grew yesterday, children’s minister Baroness Morgan claimed the plans would help protect children from a repeat of ‘the very tragic events with the murders in Soham’.

But within hours Sir Michael Bichard, the former Whitehall mandarin who conducted the inquiry into the Soham killings, called for a review of the ISA’s rules, suggesting the new restrictions on millions of ordinary adults were a disproportionate response to the threat posed by paedophiles.

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