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Big Brother facial recognition cameras being rolled out in NCP car parks

UK Daily Mail [1]
Aug 6, 2010

British citizens are the most watched people on Earth. Each UK citizen is caught on camera an average of 3,000 times a week.

And it’s about to get worse.

New facial recognition cameras are now being trialled in car parks in a bid to identify potential car thieves.

NCP is testing the controversial ‘Big Brother’ cameras in a number of Manchester car parks.

Footage of people entering the company’s car parks will be automatically scanned. Their faces will be checked to see if they match pictures of known or suspected car thieves held on the company’s own database. 

NCP says the system will allow staff to protect vehicles by taking early action against crooks.   But privacy campaigners have slammed the use of the technology – which will see thousands of ordinary car park users snapped and electronically analysed – saying it is invasive.

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