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Big Brother plan to log all texts and internet searches on hold… until after the election

Tim Shipman
UK Daily Mail [1]
Tuesday, Nov 10th, 2009

Labour’s plans to build Big Brother databases of everyone’s phone calls, text messages and internet activity have been put on hold.

Ministers kicked the £2billion surveillance state proposals into the long grass, so they will not now be enacted before the next election.

The Home Office announced yesterday that plans to force internet and phone companies to store billions of pieces of personal data on everyone in Britain will not now feature in the Queen’s speech next week.

The move was welcomed by civil liberties campaigners, who believe the technology would be a ‘snooper’s charter’ that would be misused by ministers to spy on innocent citizens.

The U-turn means that the most intrusive elements of Labour’s plans may now never happen.

Full article here [1]

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