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Big Sis In Retreat: No Pat Downs For Children Under 12, But Teens Will Still Be Groped

Jeremy Pelofsky
Reuters [1]
Monday, November 15, 2010

Comment: TSA rapists and pedophiles [2] will still get to fondle and enjoy naked scanner images of your teenage daughters.

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(Reuters) – Homeland security officials on Monday defended heightened airport security screening measures but said they would consider adjustments to new rigorous patdowns after complaints from travelers.

Already the TSA has given a little ground after the flood of complaints, announcing that it has eliminated patdowns for children under 12 and will develop alternative procedures for pilots who are already subject to extensive security checks.



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“We’ve heard the concerns that have been expressed and agree that children under 12 should not receive that pat-down,” Pistole said on NBC’s “Today Show”. TSA had been reviewing the issue and Reuters last week reported about a father upset after his 8-year-old son was subjected to a patdown.

TSA also is experimenting with some alternative checks for the pilots after their unions raised concerns about health risks of the scanners and objected to rigorous patdowns.

Full story here. [1]