Bilderberg is hiding out in the posh Westfields near Dulles Airport in a Virginia suburb of Washington. This time it is less of a love-fest, with deep divisions among Americans and the European elite.


Exclusive to American Free Press

By James P. Tucker Jr.


CHANTILLY, Va.—The issue of America going to war in Iraq has been delayed, with the White House agreeing to wait at least until next year, instead of late summer or early fall, but many issues simmer at this year’s secret Bilderberg meeting.

President Bush lied when he said there were no plans for war on Iraq or anywhere else “on his desk”—the plans were piled high. But military brass in the Pentagon warned the president that the United States is unprepared for war. European leaders were opposed. Only civilians at Defense and State wanted war.

The role of peacemaker is new to Europe. At the Bilderberg meeting in Baden Baden, Germany in June 1991, the Persian Gulf war was celebrated and enthusiastic calls for more military action “in five years” were heard.

It was at Baden Baden that the obscure governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, attended his first Bilderberg meeting. The next year, he was elected president and the United States went to war—euphemistically termed United Nations “peace-keeping missions”—in 16 countries.

But the warmongers aren’t satisfied. In the May 29 Wall Street Journal, Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, made a strong plea for an invasion of Iraq in a commentary that amounted to an in-house memo.

Brookings is one of numerous Bilderberg torch-carriers. The “conservative” Journal is always represented at Bilderberg meetings and its editorial policy is subservient to the globalist agenda. This war cry came just one day before Bilderberg formally gathered for its annual secret session.

With the war issue momentarily delayed, other fights were emerging in probably the most divisive Bilderberg meeting ever. On the basic agenda, the unity that has prevailed for nearly half a century remains intact: Creating a world government in which this international elite will dominate.

Bilderberg boys from the European Union are outraged that Bush protected the domestic steel industry from overseas dumping. They are equally angry over the farm bills, which significantly increased agricultural subsidies even though “family farmers” who benefit include Bilderberg luminaries David Rockefeller and Dwayne Andreas of Archer Daniels Midland.

European Bilderberg members—with many “Americans” agreeing—want the United States to change her tax laws to suit their pocketbooks. They call it “tax equity.” Bilderberg also clings to its long-held commitment to create a global tax payable by “world citizens” (you and me) directly to the United Nations.

The paradoxes would be amusing if not so damaging to U.S. interests. Farm subsidies are necessary for real family farmers—not to be confused with Bilderberg boys, TV mogul Ted Turner or millionaire basketball players—because of what Bilderberg hath wrought: NAFTA and other “free trade” laws.

Were it not for free trade, American farmers would need no subsidies.

The European Un ion countries also subsidize agriculture and other exports but object to America’s protecting her domestic economy.

Europeans are also angry at the United States for rejecting the International Criminal Court and the Kyoto Treaty on global climate control, which economists warn would generate skyrocketing inflation here while requiring nothing of 60 percent of the world. Another point of sharp disagreement is U.S. Middle East policy. Many Europeans object to America’s abject pro-Israel policy. This is in large part because the European media has far more balanced coverage of the turmoil there than the one-sided U.S. press.


As grim-faced armed guards and plainclothes security agents began encircling Westfields, they were awaiting Bilderberg luminaries who also looked glum. One of the longest faces belonged to Kenneth Dam, deputy secretary of the Treasury Department, who faces a grim grilling from his European counterparts.

Never has Bilderberg met this close to Washington. In 1962, Bilderberg took over all of Colonial Williams burg—built by Rockefeller money—located several miles south of Richmond, Va.

Security experts have explained why: Bilderberg boys were afraid of Middle Eastern terrorists. Dulles and Washington Reagan National Airport are the most secure in the United States because of their heavy traffic in congressmen and high administration officials.

One security man was overheard telling his counterpart: “If terrorists could bag a Rockefeller, that would be one hell of a trophy.”

Westfields is situated seven miles south of Dulles Airport. When sealed off at the entrance, Westfields is out of sight. Luminaries can take short helicopter trips from either airport to Westfields’s private heliport. Nevertheless, many of the pompous chose long black limos, complete with police escorts and sirens.

Westfields has enough of its own black limos to provide these parades. To make sure everything is in order, a black car with State Department tags was parked outside Westfields five days in advance—on May 26.