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The super-secret Bilderberg gang wants a new war to generate immense profits and spend the world out of recession. And they just might get it.


Exclusive to American Free Press

By James P. Tucker Jr.


When Bilderberg luminaries seal themselves off behind armed guards at the Westfields hotel in Chantilly, Va., May 30-June 2, a major topic will be promoting a new war.

Sources within Bilderberg and its junior varsity, the Trilateral Commission, confirmed the war part of the agenda. The Trilaterals are meeting in Washington April 5-7. The two groups have an interlocking leadership and a common agenda.

They believe that public outrage over the 9-11 at tacks and the new “war on terrorism” make a new war on Iraq, with the intent of destroying the regime of Sad dam Hussein and seizing Iraqi oil, politically palatable to Americans. If Americans back a new war, they reason, a reluctant Europe will be dragged along.

Bilderberg’s hand was first tipped March 24 when Jim Hoagland, a Bilderberg regular, called for and predicted all-out war on Iraq in a commentary in The Washington Post.

Every Post publisher—now it is Donald Graham—has at tended these secret meetings since the elite first called itself Bilderberg in 1954. Hoagland is also a Bilderberg regular.

President Bush has decided to “remove you from power,” Hoagland wrote, addressing his words to Hussein. “The Pentagon can now go ahead and draw up war plans very quietly for the right time, as it did in 1990.”

Just how casually the Bilderberg-Trilateral troopers spill the blood of young men is demonstrated by Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser under President Jimmy Carter and long-time Trilateralist.

Brzezinski, in a 1998 interview with the French news paper Le Nouvel Observateur, said that, contrary to the official version of events, CIA aid to the mujahedeen guerrillas began six months before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. It was intended to provoke the invasion, he said. Brzezinski boasted of “drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap.”

When asked about the wisdom of supporting Islamic fundamentalism, Brzezinski offered this chilling dismissal: “What is more important in world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet Empire?”

Henry Kissinger, a power in both Bilderberg and the Trilaterals, started the war drumbeat Jan. 13, also writing in the Bilderberg-controlled Post:

“There is no possibility of a negotiation between Washington and Baghdad and no basis for trusting Iraq’s promises to the international community . . .

“But if the overthrow of Saddam Hussein is to be seriously considered, three prerequisites must be met: (a) development of a military plan that is quick and decisive, (b) some prior agreement on what kind of structure is to replace Hussein and (c) the support or acquiescence of key countries needed for the military plan,” Kissinger wrote.

The Bush administration already appears bent on war, according to Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Strom Thurmond (R).

“Before the end of summer or fall we’ll be in a major engagement with Iraq,” Graham was quoted by The Columbia State. “We’re looking at going after Saddam Hussein—not to contain him but to replace him.”

Graham said he based his predictions on “intelligence briefings, contact with the Bush administration and his attendance at a recent international conference in Germany,” the State said.