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Bill Clinton back out campaigning ‘for everybody that helped Hillary run for president’ against Obama

Toby Harnden
London Telegraph
Oct 17, 2010

Speculation about Hillary Clinton’s continued presidential ambitions is rife. Husband Bill is back on the campaign trail, offering thanks to those who backed her in 2008 – and laying the foundations for another try in 2016.

Fear and loathing in the American [1] body politic is not confined to the anti-tax Tea Party. Across the spectrum of the Democratic party, every hue is feeling it too.

With a fortnight to go to the midterms, moderate “Blue Dog” Democrats are in big trouble. The party’s left-wing “Yellow Dogs” are up in arms about being taken for granted by the White House “hippy bashers”. Even black bloggers are warning President Barack Obama they won’t be “pimped” for him.

In this febrile climate within the party, there is one Democratic figure whose soothing tones can help calm things down – the Big Dog himself, former President Bill Clinton. I caught up with him in Española, New Mexico, site of the first European colony in America, last week and he was on vintage form.

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