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Bill Clinton ‘problem’ rules out Hillary as Barack Obama’s running mate

Toby Harnden
London Telegraph [1]
Monday, July 14, 2008

Bill Clinton, once his wife’s greatest political asset, is now viewed by Barack Obama as such a liability that he is likely to scupper Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming the Democratic vice-presidential candidate.

Sources close to the Obama campaign indicated that Mr Clinton’s reluctance to disclose who has donated money to his presidential library and even concerns about possible extra-marital affairs mean that his wife would not pass the vetting procedure all potential running mates have to undergo.

“It is absolutely standard operating procedure that vice-presidential candidates today must be fully vetted,” a Democratic official close to the Obama campaign told The Daily Telegraph. “That means their finances and everything about them.

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“Bill Clinton’s not going to submit to vetting. He has not released details of the contributors to his library or his personal finances.

“Everything has to be disclosed to the law firm overseeing this process.”

“There’s a questionnaire. It covers everything, including, ‘Have you got any girlfriends?'”

Last week, Mr Obama told a prominent supporter of Mrs Clinton that he viewed the former president as a “complication” that made it more difficult for him to choose the former First Lady, who has made clear she would like to be on the Democratic ticket with him.

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