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Bill in Congress would ban Gun Ownership at Will

Kurt Nimmo
May 17, 2009

In 2007, then Democrat member of the United States House of Representatives, Rahm Emanuel, told the gathered at the annual Stand Up For a Safe America event sponsored by the Brady Center that if your name is on the terrorist no fly list you will not be allowed to own a gun.


In 2007, according to the Inspector General of the FBI-administered Terrorist Screening Center, there were well over 700,000 names on the no-fly database and the list was growing at an astronomical rate of 20,000 records per month. That means the list now contains more than a million people. Senator Ted Kennedy, Rep. John Lewis, and former Senator Ted Steven’s wife, Catherine Stevens are on the list.

According to Rahm Emanuel, now Obama’s Chief of Staff, every last one of them are terrorists who will have their Second Amendment right to own a firearm stripped.

Rahm Emanuel wasn’t blowing smoke. His proposal to rob more than a million Americans of their Second Amendment right to own firearms may soon become law if a notorious gun-grabber has her way.

On May 13, Democrat Rep. Carolyn McCarthy introduced The No Fly, No Buy Act (H.R. 2401), a bill that will merge the TSA’s no-fly list with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a point-of-sale system for determining eligibility to purchase a firearm in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico. It was created in November of 1993 when the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 (Brady Act), Public Law 103-159, was signed into law. Permanent provisions of the Brady Act went into effect on November 30, 1998, and required the U.S. Attorney General to establish NICS.

“For far too long, the ‘terror gap’ has left a wide open loophole in our nation’s gun safety laws that could allow terrorist to acquire guns the same way any law abiding citizen can,” McCarthy declared as she introduced her bill. McCarthy and Congressman Steve Israel, flanked by law enforcement officials, stressed “the importance of keeping guns out of the hands of people that are known or suspected terrorists,” according to the Floral Park Dispatch [1]. “For far too long, the ‘terror gap’ has left a wide open loophole in our nation’s gun safety laws that could allow terrorists to acquire guns the same way any law abiding citizen can. The No Fly, No Buy Act uses existing TSA data to update the NICS system with the names of known or suspected terrorists to disqualify them from passing the Brady Background Check. This is a common sense gun bill that will prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands,” McCarthy said.


The Department of Homeland Security now considers veterans, advocates of the Second Amendment, and states’ rights activists as terrorists.


“Since September 11, 2001, Congress has passed many laws to improve homeland security,” the Floral Park Dispatch continues. “Yet, this loophole remains open. If someone is denied the chance to board an airplane because of suspected ties to terrorists, then they should also be denied the opportunity to purchase a gun. Individuals with ties to terrorists have bought guns in the past and used them to kill Americans.”

The language of H.R. 2401 reads as follows: “To increase public safety and reduce the threat to domestic security by including persons who may be prevented from boarding an aircraft in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and for other purposes,” according to the Open Congress [3] website. Govtrack.us [4] reports that the bill was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

It does not take a lot of imagination to speculate what “other purposes” will ultimately mean.