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Bipartisan law targets Google and its rivals to end ‘secret’ online search algorithms that critics say censor political speech and manipulate users

Daily Mail [1]
November 4, 2019

Google, Facebook and other internet giants would disclose the algorithms they use to return search results under new legislation proposed by US law makers.

The bipartisan Filter Bubble Transparency Act also would require the online companies to offer users an unfiltered search option that delivers results without any algorithmic tinkering.

Senator John Thune, a Republican from North Dakota, filed the bill on Friday. The legislation was co-sponsored by Republican senators Jerry Moran of Kansas and Marsha blackburn of Tennessee, as well as Democrats Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Mark Warner of Virginia.

Thune says the legislation is needed because ‘people are increasingly impatient with the lack of transparency,’ on the internet, reports the Wall Street Journal [2].

If passed, the proposed law would offer people more choices on how they receive their search results, without imposing regulations that could be legally challenged by the companies.

‘It’s a way of giving consumers more control, consistent with the light touch approach I believe in,’ he told the Journal.

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