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Bizarre: McConnell Claims Trump Unpopular Candidate, Lesser of Two Evils

Yet Trump polling at over 50%, Congress at 6%…

Kit Daniels
Prison Planet.com
June 7, 2016

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) claimed Donald Trump is a “very, very unpopular candidate,” despite the fact Trump’s poll numbers are nearly 10 times higher than Congress’s approval rating.

The Kentucky senator also described a potential matchup between Trump and Hillary Clinton as a choice between a “lesser of two evils,” even though Trump represents nationalism and Clinton globalism.

“We know for sure we have two very, very unpopular candidates, but we have a two-party system in this country,” he asserted [1] Monday evening on the Texas-based Wells Report radio program. “This is a choice. Regardless of who any of us supported earlier, this is the choice.”

And strangely enough, McConnell also said Trump has to “change to win,” but reality contradicts the senator’s claim: the reason Trump won the nomination is because he ran an anti-establishment campaign.

So why is McConnell and his fellow blueblood Republicans attacking Trump not even a week after they called for party unity? It’s likely because Trump refused their offer to take Gingrich as his running mate.

As we reported earlier, the establishment offered Trump $200 million in donations to take Newt Gingrich [2] as vice president, an offer he refused.

That prompted Gingrich, McConnell and other establishment Republicans started lashing out at him publicly.

The GOP elite want Gingrich or another insider as VP to keep Trump under control – even if it means destroying their own party to Hillary’s benefit.