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Bizzare McClatchy Article Dismisses Internment Camps As Pure Conjecture

Countering documented facts [1] without providing any evidence is not a valid form of intellectual debate – apparantly Steven Thomma of McClatchy seems to think it is though.

Steven Thomma
McClatchy Newspapers [2]
Monday, August 31, 2009

WASHINGTON — Is the federal government building secret camps to lock up people who criticize President Barack Obama?

Will it truck off young people to camps to brainwash them into liking Obama’s agenda? Are government officials planning to replicate the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, using the guillotine to silence their domestic enemies?

No. The charges, of course, are not true.

However, the accusations are out there, a series of fantastic claims fed by paranoia about the government. They’re spread and sometimes cross-pollinated via the Internet. They feed a fringe subset of the anger at the government percolating through the country, one that ignites passion, but also helps Obama’s allies to discount broader anger at the president’s agenda.

Full article here [2]