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Blair is out to destroy UK

Lord Tebbit claims the Prime Minister's "one agenda" is the destruction of the UK and its absorption within a foreign jurisdiction.

The former Tory minister says national self-determination is not part of Mr Blair's "grandiose vision".

Delivering the Ian Gow Memorial Lecture at the Palace of Westminster, he said the PM is seeking a new world order to merge from the destruction of nationalism and patriotic identity.

He commented: "Never before have we had in office a Government and most particularly a Prime Minister who detests our history, our constitution, our institutions and indeed the very nation we are and whose intention is to subjugate us to foreign rule."

"I had believed that Blair's ambitions were confined to the creation of this European identity to replace that of Britishness.

He added: "That would explain the destruction of every British standard from the foot and the pound, to our standards of justice, to make the imposition of Euro standards the easier."

But Mr Blair's Labour conference speech last year had revealed a far wider ambition, he went on.

He said it went well beyond the "extirpation of terrorists and the punishment of those giving them shelter".

Lord Tebbit added: "The more vainglorious passages spoke of alliances to solve the wider world's problems, wars in the Congo, global poverty and famine and, of course, the installation of a Government in Afghanistan acceptable to a world opinion - that is, acceptable to the international jurists favoured by Mr Blair."

"The outrages in Yugoslavia and those of September 11 in New York have confirmed in the mind of Mr Blair the need not merely to submerge the UK into a Euro-state but to create a wider world authority. Whether his allies in Washington and Brussels fully share his ambition is another matter," he said.

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