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Blind Chinese dissident’s crime: Challenging China’s one-child policy

Christopher Bedford
The Daily Caller [1]
May 9, 2012

Chen Guangcheng — the blind, and now famous, Chinese dissident — garnered global attention last week when he escaped to the U.S. embassy and set off an international diplomatic firestorm. But the matter he fought for, and which brought the full might of his government down on him, has gone relatively unnoticed: the brutality of China’s one-child policy.

A 2005 report [2] written by Chinese human right activist and professor Teng Biao featured Guangcheng’s research, which uncovered 130,000 cases of forced sterilizations and forced abortions in the Linyi County of the Shanghai Province in 2005. The report, released just before Guangcheng’s four-year imprisonment and detention, documents graphic examples of nighttime raids, murder, torture and intimidation.

Because of his focus on China’s one-child policy, Guangcheng earned himself and his family the special ire of the Communist government authorities, Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, told The Daily Caller. (RELATED: Chinese dissident: US official said wife would be killed) [3]

While protesting many issues — such as religious persecution, censorship and corruption — attracts scrutiny and punishment in China, the one-child policy, Littlejohn said, may top the list.

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