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Blogging Platform Bans Writer For Listing Corporations That Defended Rioters

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Post classified as “hate speech, disinformation, and targeted harassment”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
June 10, 2020

An independent blogger has been banned from the Medium platform after she complied a list of corporations that have gone ‘woke’, glommed onto black lives matter activism and defended ‘protests’ that led to looting and rioting.

Medium banned conservative writer Ashley Goldenberg, who goes by the moniker ‘Communism Kills’.

Medium sent an email to Goldenberg, informing her that she had violated the site’s rules against “hate speech, disinformation, and targeted harassment.”

“Medium’s decision to take down my post — and my account — is obviously a politically-motivated one,” Goldenberg said in response.

“I wrote about large, powerful companies that support the Black Lives Matter movement to demonstrate that America is not the white supremacist country that the protesters are claiming it is. That’s not hate speech, disinformation, or harassment.” she added.

“Meanwhile, on the same day Medium took down my account, the headline ‘CEOs Need to Treat Racism Like the Pandemic it is: How to reimagine companies in the era of Black Lives Matter‘ was featured on my [Medium] homepage,” Goldenberg added.

“That doesn’t seem coincidental.” she noted.

At time of writing, Medium has not responded to requests for comment.

Below is Goldenberg’s list of companies that have defended BLM, the vast majority without condemning the violence and looting that has accompanied demonstrations.

23andme: archive.is/Mjbwk
72andSunny: archive.is/B1x7Y
AbbVie: archive.is/Q2Vqj
Abbey Road Studios: archive.is/AJlrg
The Academy (the Oscars): archive.is/cNRYf
Activision Blizzard: archive.is/qfRJ1
Adidas: archive.is/ezQ22
Airbnb: archive.is/GmMjl
Alaska Airlines: archive.is/wnICf
Amazon: archive.is/lBR4u
AMD: archive.is/i3krt
American Airlines: archive.is/XBwhw
American Express: archive.is/kzWXa
American Apparel: archive.is/ETfYw
Apple Music: archive.is/cj97E
Ancestry: archive.is/5Q9JW
Armani: archive.is/hX6Yw
Astro Gaming: archive.is/9aWhf
AT&T: archive.is/OzC04
Atlantic Records: archive.is/65QQq
AWS: archive.is/NXNAG
AXE: archive.is/Xpxhw
Barclays Bank: archive.is/9EAl4
Barnes & Noble: archive.is/PCPKn
Bandcamp: archive.is/5QQBT
Bank of America: archive.is/FH1O0
Bayer: archive.is/iT3EG
Bergdorf Goodman: archive.is/nQiPA
Bethesda: archive.is/2xeNE
Ben & Jerry’s: archive.is/BqHRv
Billboard: archive.is/Ruuv8
BMW: archive.is/lRN51
BP: archive.is/0qSwy
Boost Mobile: archive.is/pLnAf
Bratz: archive.is/vOA1d
Burger King: archive.is/U9VzB
Bungie: archive.is/81KHV
Burberry: archive.is/ha0jP
Burt’s Bees: archive.is/4NbLi
Cadillac: archive.is/bS60C
Call of Duty: archive.is/DEJA6
Capcom: archive.is/S1BgN
Capitol Records: archive.is/jeUpY
Canada Goose: archive.is/y2nLo
Cartoon Network: archive.is/CxAd7
Chick-fil-A: archive.is/yiviH
Chipotle: archive.is/Rk9zI
Chips Ahoy: archive.is/wOrC7
Cisco: archive.is/fNvdP
Citigroup: archive.is/36fkF
Coca Cola: archive.is/bzTHi
Colourpop Cosmetics: archive.is/AapIR
Conde Nast: archive.is/ChMdI
Converse: archive.is//sKjmg
CORSAIR: archive.is/5S5DY
Creative Commons: archive.is/kPdCO
Criterion Collection: archive.is/JZ2Sd
Crunchyroll: archive.is/q7Ucj
CW: archive.is/JumZU
CVS: archive.is/DbBSV
DHL Express: archive.is/r4Pmp
Dell: archive.is/IeI9j
Degree: archive.is/SItaW
Devolver Digital: archive.is/xcaEH
DIRECTV: archive.is/hhBG4
Discord: archive.is/hGtDw
Disney: archive.is/wldfM
Dollar Shave Club: archive.is/0r84H
Doritos: archive.is/nLHv0
DoorDash: archive.is/vhTW2

This article was posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 6:01 am

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