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Bloomberg: Bystanders Accidentally Shot By Police

The Inquisitr [1]
August 24, 2012

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have given a press conference to confirm the details of today’s shooting at the Empire State Building in Manhattan.

Bloomberg and Kelly have confirmed a significant amount of information about the shooting, including the fact that several civilians may have been caught in the crossfire between New York City Police Officers and the suspect, identified as Jeffrey Johnson, 53.

Johnson was downsized from the company in which he worked as an accessory designer, Hazen Imports. The layoff that sparked the shooting, in which a co-worker of Johnson’s died, is said to have occurred last year.

Reports have asked the Mayor whether reports some civilians have returned fire during the shootout, perhaps leading to further casualties, but Bloomberg confirms that there is “no evidence” anyone but the shooter and NYPD officers fired any bullets.

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