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Body Scanners, Airport Harassment to INCREASE After Bin Laden Death

UK Daily Mail [1]
May 3, 2011

Millions of Britons face tougher security checks and longer queues amid fears of reprisals by terrorists seeking to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden.

Full-body ‘nude’ scanners now in use at three UK airports could now be rolled out across the UK by ministers, according to Whitehall insiders.

A small number of the new scanners are already in use at Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham airports following an attempted suicide bomb attack at Detroit on Christmas Day a year ago.

The new scanners act like a mini radar device that can ‘see’ beneath ordinary clothing but have been strongly criticised by civil liberties campaigners as an invasion of privacy because they reveal ghostly outlines of the most intimate parts of their body.

Three days ago the Government also extended restrictions on passengers carrying liquids on aircraft which were due to expire on April 29. The rules – introduced across Europe in the wake of the Heathrow bomb plot in 2006 – bar passengers from carrying liquids on to planes unless they are in individual containers no bigger than 100ml.

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