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Update: Bohemian Grove Protest

Who's Coming to Bohemian Grove?

Source: International Action Center (San Francisco)
Posted: July 13, 2001

Monday, July 9*
Saturday, July 14 - Rally at 2 pm
Monte Rio, CA

The corporate globalizers and their political henchMEN are coming back to Sonoma County. And it will be just MEN, 2,500 men -- no women allowed in this private club -- who will swarm together at Bohemian Grove on Sat., July 14 for their annual rituals of the rich. It's summer camp for the elite, but there's nothing harmless about this gathering.

Bohemian Grove is a sinister convergence of many of the world's most dangerous and destructive individuals, from Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Bechtels, to Henry Kissinger, Edwin Meese, much of the Hoover Institute board, and the CEOs of such Fortune 500 giants as Dupont, Weyerhauser, PG&E, Bank of America, etc., etc., etc. Many top (male) figures in the Bush administration are members of the club. The Bohemian Grove is a 2700-acre retreat in west Sonoma County along the Russian River and is owned by the Bohemian Club of San Francisco. For the past 122 years it has been the site of a two-week summer gathering of highly placed corporate, banking and political figures.

The "Lakeside Talks" at Bohemian Grove are conducted twice daily during the two-week July retreat. Here's a selection from past years:

  • Richard Nixon

  • Henry Kissinger on "Do we need a foreign policy"

  • George Bush Sr. on "Reflections: Past, Present and Future"

  • Richard Cheney (Secretary of Defense under George Bush Sr., current vice president) on "Major Defense Problems of the 21st Century"

  • Fred Hartley (CEO Union Oil) on "Oil"

  • James Baker III (Sec of State under Reagan) on "The Imperative of American Leadership"

  • Antonin Scalia (justice, U.S. Supreme Court) on "Church, State and the Constitution"

  • Edward Teller (scientist and creator of the H bomb) on "Nuclear Energy"

  • Elliot Richardson (Secretary of Defense, Attorney General under Nixon) on "Defining a New World Order"

  • Christopher DeMuth on "The Triumph of the Market and the Politics of Affluence"

  • Casper Weinberger (Secretary of Defense, Reagan Administration) on "Rearming America"

  • Edmund Littlefield (CEO of General Electric and Utah Mining) on "Enjoying the corporate climb"

  • A.W. Clausen (CEO of Bank of America, then-president of the World Bank) on "The Global Economy--Time to Get out of the woods"

  • Fred Henderson III on "Commercial Opportunities in Space: the Next Decade"

Who Else is Coming to Bohemian Grove?

Let us make July 14, 2001, a day of mass resistance against the modern monarchs of capital, a day when we say NO to corporate globalization, NO to the reactionary Bush program, and YES to meeting people's needs. Join us!

Activists are coming to Bohemian Grove from all over the West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle. Buses and car pools are departing from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, the Central Valley and more.

Speakers Will Include:

Willie Garrett, former president, NAACP-Sonoma County
Barbara Lubin, Exec. Director, Middle East Children's Alliance
Alexander Cockburn, Journalist for The Nation
Gloria La Riva, International Action Center
Henry Clark, Director, West County Toxics Coalition
Miguel Gavilan Molina, "La Honda Bajita" Show, KPFA Radio
Ramon Acavedo, Committee for a New Colombia
Alicia Sanchez, Labor organizer
John Parker, Los Angeles Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Cora Lee Simmons, Round Valley Indians for Justice
Peter Phillips, Director, Project Censored, Sonoma State University
Charlotte Green, Death Penalty Focus
Carlos Padilla, Students for Justice
The MCs will be Mary Moore of the Bohemian Grove Action Network
Richard Becker of the International Action Center

Get Involved! Get on the Bus to Bohemian Brove!

Call now to reserve a seat and to volunteer to help! Buses leave San Francisco on Saturday, July 14 at 11 am from Civic Center Plaza, Grove St. near Larkin. They will return about 8 pm that evening. Tickets are $20, $15 for low income. Payments can be made over the phone with a credit card, or at our office (by cash or check) at 2489 Mission St. #24. To get involved, come by our office or call us at 415-821-6545.

For more information, call International Action Center (San Francisco Bay Area) at 415-821-6545, email iac@actionsf.org or see http://www.actionsf.org/

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