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Boston mayor causes outrage by saying he’d blow up Detroit and start all over again

UK Daily Mail [1]
September 4, 2013

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing accused his Boston counterpart of insensitivity Tuesday after Thomas Menino told a magazine that if he ever visited the Motor City, he’d ‘blow up the place and start all over.’

In a New York Times Magazine article that first appeared online last week, Menino said Detroit is a place he’d like to visit, then added the rest when asked what he’d do there.

‘It is extremely regrettable that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino used such an unfortunate choice of words to describe what he would do if he came to Detroit,’ said Bing, who is not running for re-election after one term as mayor.

‘I would think the mayor of a city that recently experienced a deadly bombing attack would be more sensitive and not use the phrase `blow up.’

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