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BP oil spill: majority of oil in the Gulf of Mexico ‘eliminated’

Flashback: Of Course Clean Up Workers Can’t Find the Oil … BP Used Dispersants to Temporarily Hide It, So Now It Will Plague the Gulf For Years [1]

London Telegraph
Aug 4, 2010

The US government has announced that three quarters of the oil that has leaked out of BP’s Deepwater Horizon well into the Gulf of Mexico has been cleaned up or broken down by natural forces.

The White House energy adviser Carol Browner said that a new assessment found that about 75 per cent of the oil has either been captured, burned off, evaporated or broken down in the Gulf of Mexico. Mrs Browner welcomed news from BP that it has plugged the broken well with heavy mud.

The oil giant called it a milestone in ending the spill that started on April 20 with a drill rig explosion off the US coast of Louisiana that killed 11 workers.

A US government report into environmental damage caused by the biggest oil spill in the country’s history has found that the remaining oil is so diluted that it poses little risk of harm.

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