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BP says Halliburton destroyed Gulf spill evidence

AFP [1]
December 6, 2011

British energy giant BP has accused Halliburton of intentionally destroying evidence to conceal its role in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster, CNN reported on Tuesday.

In documents filed at a federal court in New Orleans, BP said Halliburton had destroyed evidence on cement slurry testing and refused to provide “inexplicably missing” computer modeling results, according to CNN.

“Halliburton’s refusal has been unwavering, despite repeated BP discovery requests and a specific order from this Court,” CNN said, quoting from the documents.

“BP has now learned the reason for Halliburton’s intransigence — Halliburton destroyed the results of physical slurry testing, and it has, at best, lost the computer modeling outputs that showed no channeling.

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