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Brain scans show members of militant Islamist group ‘have a reduced capacity for rational thought’

Daily Mail [1]
June 12, 2019

Brain scans on fanatical Islamists show they have a reduced capacity for rational thought, new research suggests.

Members of a radical Islamist group were asked how willing they were to ‘fight and die’ for their ideas.

Their brains were then scanned during the process.

The results showed that when questioned, the part of the brain that engages in evaluating costs and consequences showed reduced activity.

The scientists say this shows that when it comes to values held ‘sacred’ to the radicals, they are immune to arguments involving costs and benefits.

The research highlights the difficulties of trying to ‘deradicalise’ someone.

This is because the region of the brain that is engaged is resistant to argument.

But what did alter the views of the radical group was peer pressure.

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