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Brandon Smith And Stewart Rhodes: Discussing The Endgame

Brandon Smith [1]
Alt Market [2]
April 8, 2013

This week, Stewart Rhodes and I gave a brief overview of the current global economic and political situation, as well as the rising tensions that could indicate a major shift in the balance of our nation in the near term, during an evening meeting of Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship here in Montana.  Both of us (and half of Montana it seems) were fighting off an illness, so we aren’t exactly at the top of our game in the following video, but, I hope we are coherent enough to present some good information as well as tie together some important facts to give you a macro-picture of our current socio-political environment.

This video was filmed and produced by our good friends at Northwest Liberty News [3], so be sure to visit their new website as well.  As always, we present the facts, connect the dots, and offer solutions.  Alternative media is participatory media.  It is designed to empower, rather than enslave, and I am proud to be a part of this exciting movement for the truth.

Brandon Smith, Founder Of Alt-Market