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Brisk gun sales leave store shelves bare

Connie Leonard
14news.com [1]
January 16, 2013

A new Washington Post poll found 52 percent of Americans favor new gun control measures. Despite that, guns are flying off store shelves in Kentuckiana.

Owners at several gun shops tell WAVE 3 News, they’ve had days when their stores are packed, some even say they had lines out the door and all of those we talked to tell us, their supplies are running low.

“They’ve been though the roof,” said Open Range Sales consultant Aaron Hatfield of gun sales and one thing is driving them, “fear,” he said. “They’re scared of what’s going to happen and the unknown.”

As the Connecticut school shootings and the shooter’s AR 15 rifle fuel talk of more gun control, Open Range’s Hatfield says buyers have come out of the woodwork. At first, he said sales were amazing, now he says, many dealers have little on the shelves. A section normally full of ARs and Lever Action Rifles are all gone.

Gun sellers can’t replenish their stock.

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