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British government fearmongering campaign about knife crime disproved by figures

Matthew Weaver
London Guardian [1]
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Despite national alarm over knife crime, the overall number of crimes is decreasing, official figures showed today.

The Home Office said the fall – equivalent to a million fewer crimes – meant the risk of being a victim of crime had fallen from 24% to 22%, the lowest level recorded since the British Crime Survey began in 1981.

The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, said: “Three years ago we set ourselves the tough challenge to reduce all crime by 15%.

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“I am extremely pleased that today’s figures show that we have exceeded this with an overall crime reduction of 18%.”

However, the figures also showed that knife crime is not confined to big cities as previously thought.

A detailed picture of the true extent of violence involving blades showed that rural police forces also had to deal with hundreds of cases.

Serious violent crimes involving a blade had previously been bundled with other attacks, but since April last year officers have recorded them separately in light of growing public concern.

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