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Brown ‘putting pound at risk’

ITN [1]
Tuesday, December 09, 2008

David Cameron has accused Gordon Brown of putting the pound at risk by increasing the national debt.
The Conservative leader said the government’s plan to boost spending to ease the economic downturn was “reckless” and would make the recession last longer.

He said the £20 billion economic boost announced by Gordon Brown last month would hamper any recovery as taxes rose later to bring national finances back in line.



Mr Cameron said: “This Government is intoxicated with profligacy – and the bill for their binges adds up by the minute.

“Even though we’re borrowing absolutely at the limit, to go out and borrow another £20bn and to have a short-term giveaway, and then to have to whack up taxes later – I think that is a massive mistake.

“I think that puts the public finances at risk, it puts the currency at risk, it puts the whole economy at risk and I think it will actually delay the recovery.”