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Bulgarian gas pistol attack ‘was stunt’

Miriam Elder
London Guardian [1]
Jan 21, 2013

It was a shot almost heard around the world asĀ millions watched a man storm a stage in Bulgaria [2] and then point his gun at a prominent opposition politician live on television.

But many inĀ Bulgaria are now trying to separate fact from fiction as they try to be clear about what motivated the attack.

Police now say Enimehmedov was holding a gas pistol that was loaded with pepper spray, with two other “bullets” being simply noisemakers. He pointed the gun at Dogan’s head during a party congress in the capital, Sofia, but failed to shoot. He was tackled to the ground and beaten by guards and party members as TV cameras continued to roll.

Police said they thought Enimehmedov, an architecture student with a criminal record for drugs, theft and assault, had acted alone. But officials have been forced to address claims the party may have staged the “assassination attempt” itself in order to boost its image.

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