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Bush As The Joker – Acceptable, Obama As The Joker – Offensive/Violent

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Myspace censorship of Jokerbama image continues

Steve Watson
Friday, August 21, 2009

Censorship of the viral “Jokerbama” image continues on one of the largest social network websites on the internet, Myspace.

Users have now discovered that uploading images of George W. Bush as The Joker is deemed to be acceptable, while attempting to upload Obama as The Joker is classed as a violation of terms and conditions.

Yesterday we revealed how Myspace, along with Flickr, the Yahoo owned photograph social network, are engaging in political censorship by removing or denying the Jokerbama image on users’ pages and photo albums.

Users attempting to upload the image are met with the following message from Myspace:

Error: The image you have attempted to upload has been rejected for violating our Terms of Use. Common reasons for image rejection include nudity, violent or offensive material, or copyright infringement. To learn more please review our Photo Policy and Terms of Use.

Other users received an email from Myspace “Safety & Security” threatening to close and completely delete their accounts should they continue to attempt to post the image.

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Today we have received more evidence from Myspace users that the Rupert Murdoch owned company is engaging in partisan political censorship.

Infowars reader and Myspace member Mitch Gooden emailed us with the following explanation:

I’ve had the joker/obama image with the infowars.com subtitle in my myspace photo album for at least a month now… after reading the article on infowars about the social networking sites removing obama/joker images i decided to upload the joker/obama and the joker/bush images with the fascism subtitle to see what would happen and wouldn’t you know it… the bush accepted and the obama denied… i will include screen shots.

Another reader, Christopher Canny, found he had the same problem with the Bush and Obama Joker images on Myspace, he sent us the following explanation:

I tried to upload both the Obama joker fascism poster AND the Bush joker fascism poster.

First picture “photo choices” is the myspace pic loader showing the folder on my computer that contains both pictures.

Second picture “Bush upload” shows how the Bush fascism poster is accepted without error.

Third picture “Bush done” shows the Bush poster accepted and IN my myspace picture folder that I’d made for this project.

Forth picture “Obama attempt” shows the computer folder again with the Obamajoker fascism poster selected for upload.

Fifth picture “Obama rejected” shows the Obamajoker fascism poster immediately rejected.

Conclusion: parodying Bush is ok and parodying Obama is unacceptable.

Yet another Myspace user, Greg Miller, also complains of having the exact same problem:

I was able to upload a photo of Bush AND Obama as joker, so we’ll see how long that lasts. But if anyone wants to organize a “Boycott MySpace Fascists” movement, count me in…

(Article continues below)

During Obama’s presidential campaign we were subjected to months and months of mass media exposure of the Shepard Fairey images of Obama with the words “Hope” and “Change” attached. Now, nine months into his Presidency, many who are yet to see any change and thus foresee very little hope in Obama are using the exact same method of visual campaigning to make their feelings known.

The corporate elite with their media empire will not tolerate such dissent, however, and their answer is to engage in egregious and blatant censorship, in addition to concocting smear campaigns and attempting to frame the issue firmly within the false left/right political paradigm.

At this time Myspace have still not responded to our request for an explanation as to why they are removing the Jokerbama image.

You can try to contact Myspace for an explanation via their FAQ page here.

This article was posted: Friday, August 21, 2009 at 11:32 am

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