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Calif. Bill Would Make it a Crime to Counsel Children to Change a Homosexual Orientation

Pete Winn
CNS News [1]
May 10, 2012

Conservative pro-family groups in California are making preparations to challenge what they call a “dangerous” bill banning “reparative therapy” for teens that is on a fast track through the California State Senate.

California Senate Bill 1172 [2] would make it illegal for therapists, psychologists, counselors and parents to engage in any kind of “sexual orientation change efforts” against children 18 and younger.

Violators could be subject to arrest, fines, possible jail time.

The bill, which passed out of a legislative committee Tuesday on a 5-3 vote, would also require adults to sign a consent form before they could seek therapy or counseling to change their sexual orientation.

Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute of Sacramento, Calif., pledges to challenge the constitutionality of the measure in the courts, if it passes the Legislature.

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