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California Senate resolution would urge boycott of Arizona

Susan Ferriss
Fresno Bee [1]
June 24, 2010

The head of the California Senate and minority lawmakers unveiled a resolution Wednesday urging a boycott of Arizona to protest its new police immigration law.

Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, said 44 legislators have agreed to co-sponsor his Senate Concurrent Resolution 113. It urges, but does not mandate, an end to California public entities investing or doing business in Arizona.

The measure also recommends not traveling to Arizona and calls on private businesses to consider severing business ties with the state.

Arizona’s new law requires police officers to ask for proof of legal status if they have “reasonable suspicion” that someone they stop could be an illegal immigrant.

The law, scheduled to take effect July 29, faces legal challenges by critics who believe it is unconstitutional.

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