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Calling Out the Los Angeles Times

Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
June 11, 2012

I hesitate to add my paltry two cents to readers’ magnificent reprimands of the Los Angeles Times for its latest propaganda on behalf of the TSA. But because the agency will no doubt ballyhoo this article, “TSA scanners pose negligible risk to passengers, new test shows [2],” you should know that there was no test. Rather, “some backroom researcher,” as one disgusted commenter put it,  “extrapolat[ed] from TSA-provided data” – which bureaucracy, as another added, “of course, never lies.” In fact, no independent lab ever will examine the porno-scanners because the TSA insists that will clue Al Qaeda in to the fact that we’re onto ‘em. Sensitive Security Info and all that, doncha know.

Radiation is carcinogenic. The porno-scanners dose passengers – and, thank our just God, operators – with radiation. If you don’t want governmentally induced cancer, don’t fly. Or at least, don’t submit to the TSA’s ogling. Yes, that means a governmental groping. So we’re back to don’t fly.