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Cameron declares himself a Liberal AND a Tory – and then adds prominent Labour pair to his team

Tim Shipman
UK Daily Mail [1]
Monday, May 17th, 2010

David Cameron declared himself a ‘Liberal Conservative’ and boasted of running a ‘progressive alliance’ yesterday as it emerged that he has recruited prominent Labour figures to advise his coalition.

The Prime Minister took a leaf from Tony Blair’s ‘big tent’ approach by signing up Labour MP Frank Field and left-wing intellectual Will Hutton.

Mr Field, a former welfare minister, has been sounded out about advising the Government on how to tackle poverty.

Mr Hutton, head of the left- of-centre Work Foundation will run a ‘fair pay review’ to ensure public-sector bosses are paid no more than 20 times the amount received by their lowliest employee.

The Tories have also asked former BP boss Lord Browne, a business ambassador for Gordon Brown, to be a Whitehall efficiency watchdog. But in creating a rainbow coalition, Mr Cameron risks alienating his party’s grass roots.

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