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Canada’s 2001 Climate Predictions: Major Fail

Moonbattery [1]
January 27, 2020

If you are ever tempted to take the liberal establishment’s doomy global warming prognostications seriously, check to see whether past predictions were accurate.

This video reviews the Canadian government’s 2001 climate predictions. The results will surprise only the gullible:

In place of science we now have models, which find whatever they are designed to find. Previous predictions prove that these models are nothing more than props for propaganda.

Authorities would be wise to set their predictions farther in the future, when we won’t be around to see them not come true. Problem is, shrieking about doom is ineffective at inducing panic unless the impending catastrophe is supposedly imminent. Maybe they should focus on convincing dupes that their predictions would have come true if not for the taxes and regulations they have imposed.