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Canadian Military Quell Staged Protests In Martial Law Training

Fake explosions and vehicle searches as soldiers patrol city

Steve Watson
Infowars.net [1]
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Canadian military has taken over a city for three weeks as part of an urban warfare drill that is seeing convoys of tanks rolling down streets, “hollywood” style explosions, and scenarios involving simulated terrorist attacks [2].

According to one report out of Medicine Hat [3]in Alberta, Canada, the army is also using actors to pose as civilian protesters, who are described as “an environmental insurgency” involved in ” insurgent attacks against the city and military, which the Provincial Reconstruction Team needs to address.”

The picture opposite, showing the army penning in protesters with placards was posted on the Medicine Hat News website [4] yesterday.

“From a public perspective, this portion of the scenario means an increase in patrols and convoys through the city,” the report states.

“Residents may also see soldiers conducting vehicle searches, but this is only for military players in civilian clothing. Soldiers will not interfere with or search citizens’ vehicles. There may be some minor traffic delays in parts of the city. The explosives are not real and personnel are trained in the use of these special effects.”

The ongoing drills, known as “Operation Total Ram [5]“, are officially part of preparations for approximately 300 soldiers set for deployment to Afghanistan in the fall.

Clearly it is unlikely that the soldiers will be confronted by disgruntled environmental protesters in the streets of Kandahar, however.

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The following Canadian news report also shows images of civilian “actors” being rounded up into fenced off holding areas:

Operation Total Ram is scheduled to wrap up on May 8.

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