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Cape Breton Chinese Food Restaurant Bans Chinese Students Due To Coronavirus

NS Buzz [1]
February 3, 2020

A Sydney, Cape Breton eatery posted a sign in their window saying Chinese students are not welcome to dine in the restaurant due to the Coronavirus breakout in Wuhan, China.

The notice was posted on the door of Fortune Star Chinese Restaurant on Prince Street in Sydney.

Olivia Yu, a Cape Breton University student told Nova Scotia Buzz, “My friend went here three days ago and he got kicked out. They said Chinese students are not allowed to eat in and can only place an order through the phone and there has to be a delivery person to pick up.”

She added, “No student has gone to China during the break and the semester began before the virus outbreak so it’s unbelievable. With that said, the owner and all the staff are Chinese too so it’s unfortunate and truly sad.”

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