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Carbon tax increase hits drivers at the pump

Tracy Sherlock
Vancouver Sun
July 7, 2010

The B.C. carbon tax went up 1.12 cents on Thursday, adding a total of 4.45 cents to each litre of gasoline and hitting British Columbian pocketbooks on the same day as the 12-per-cent harmonized sales tax.

The HST does not change gasoline prices in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, Canada’s neighbours to the south are paying 30 per cent less to drive their cars, according to cheap fuel rates posted online.

For one U.S. gallon, Vancouverites are paying $4.37 Canadian, while our American neighbours are paying $2.81 U.S., which is equivalent to $2.98 Canadian.

In Bellingham, the cheapest rate posted on www.washingtongasprices.com on Sunday was $2.81 US for a U.S. gallon. In Vancouver, the cheapest rate posted on Sunday was $115.4 Canadian per litre. It takes 3.79 litres to make a U.S. gallon.

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