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Carbon Trading Scam In Big Trouble After Copenhagen Failure

Green billionaires take a hit as markets nosedive

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Monday, December 21, 2009

Global warming con men hoping to bag windfall profits from the climate change scam are wincing today after carbon trading markets nose dived following the failure at Copenhagen to secure legally binding targets on restricting CO2 emissions.

Barclays Capital director Trevor Sikorski labeled the Copenhagen result “very disappointing” and said that the outlook for the global carbon market was bearish.

European Union carbon markets dropped by nearly 9 percent this morning before stabilizing.

One dealer described the market as like “a falling knife,” reports the Financial Times [2].

“UN-backed certified emissions reductions for December 2010 delivery fell 6.6 per cent to €11.05 a tonne, their lowest level since June 23.”

With carbon prices set to drop as low as 10 euros a tonne in the first quarter of 2010, analysts are saying that only a Senate approval of the U.S. cap and trade bill will rescue the market.



As we have documented [4], Maurice Strong, who is regularly credited as founding father of the modern environmental movement, serves on the board of directors of The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). Strong was a leading initiate of the Earth Summit in the early 90s, where the theory of global warming caused by CO2 generated by human activity was most notably advanced.

By using his considerable wealth and influence to lobby for cap and trade and a tax on CO2 emissions, Strong stood to enrich his company’s coffers to the tune of trillions if a binding agreement on carbon dioxide had been formulated in Copenhagen.

Strong and his close ally Al Gore come from a stable of elite groups that have long sought to use the environmental movement [5] to advance their financial agenda.

Strong, who was groomed by David Rockefeller to eventually serve as Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, is also a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome, the organization who infamously proposed in their 1991 report, The First Global Revolution [6], that fears about the environment should be exploited in order to usher in a global government.