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Caught on camera: Boston manhunt sparks privacy debate

Jordy Yager and Jeremy Herb
The Hill [1]
April 22, 2013

The role street cameras played in catching the alleged Boston Marathon bombers is stoking debate about how much more, or less, privacy should be sacrificed for security against terrorists.

Almost 12 years after the national trauma of the original Sept. 11 attacks, a televised act of terrorism followed by the swift killing and capture of the two suspected perpetrators has opened questions about what is acceptable to a public already chafing under intrusive security measures unheard of until this century.

Some lawmakers argue that there can be no expectation of privacy in public, and that additional surveillance cameras are the best way to prevent attacks or track-down home-grown terrorists who operate off the grid of traditional communications monitored closely by U.S. intelligence authorities.

“If you walk down the street, anyone can look at you, anyone can see where you’re going. You have no expectation of privacy when you’re out in public,” said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), the former chairman of the Homeland Security panel and a member of the Intelligence Committee.

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