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Caught on Camera: NYPD Detective Steals Deli’s Rent Money

Detective under investigation for pocketing nearly $3,000 in cash

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
April 10, 2015

A New York City detective has been suspended without pay and two police sergeants ordered to desk duty after surveillance camera footage allegedly showed the detective stealing nearly $3,000 from a business during a raid.

Police in Brooklyn on Friday raided a deli suspected of selling untaxed cigarettes and arrested two employees.

A breakdown of items collected by police showed they had confiscated cigarettes and $593 from the register as evidence.

But when the store’s manager, Ali Abdullah, returned to his business, he found a lot more missing than what had been documented.

“I was thinking it was robbery, because I never seen the video,” the manager, who was not present during the raid, told ABC 7 [1].

“I’m missing $2,650. Two thousand six hundred and fifty, my rent money for the store, was in the box. I thought the workers, it was the workers. They’re stealing it.”

After reviewing the store’s surveillance footage, Abdullah realized the money may have been stolen by one of the officers conducting the raid.

The video shows Detective Ian Cyrus, a 12-year veteran, locating a small cigar box, which the manager used to stash his rent cash.

Detective Cyrus then puts his back to the camera, before seemingly rifling through the container.

Finally, he’s seen putting something that appears to be money inside his pockets.

“It was crazy,” Abdullah told the New York Daily News [2]. “He was stealing the money and putting it in his pocket.”

Abdullah next phoned police to investigate and showed the footage to a supervisor.

“They said, ‘Oh (expletive). He’s going to lose his pension, lose his life, for $2,600?'” Abdullah told ABC 7.

The local ABC affiliate reports that “It was only after Eyewitness News started asking the NYPD questions that Internal Affairs began to investigate.”

“Just hours before we broke the story, Cyrus was suspended without pay and his supervisor stripped of his gun and badge and placed on desk duty,” reported Jim Hoffer.

Brooklyn North Narcotics unit Sergeant Fritz Glemaud, one of the officers on desk duty, is reportedly one of the NYPD’s most sued officers [3].

Another sergeant, Valerie Santos,”who was allegedly told about the missing money but didn’t report the complaint,” according to the Daily News, was also put on desk duty.

A woman believed to be Cyrus’ wife told the Daily News her husband was innocent.

“They could accuse any detectives . . . any 10 detectives . . . he did nothing wrong,” the woman stated. “Putting things into detectives’ pockets is standard procedure.”