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CCTV ‘spy cars’ rake in £8m in fines after catching nearly 200,000 victims

UK Daily Mail [1]
July 8, 2010

Unsuspecting motorists were stung for more than £8million in fines last year by a fleet of ‘drive-by spy cars’.

The 187,993 victims of the CCTV-equipped Smart cars included parents stopping momentarily to drop off children by the school gates.

Civil liberties campaigners described the cars as ‘a very dangerous escalation in Britain’s surveillance society’.

Big Brother Watch revealed there are currently 54 CCTV Smart cars patrolling 31 local council areas.

The cars include a mast, which is up to 15ft in length, with a periscope-mounted camera attached at the top.

Councils park the vehicles at known ‘hot-spots’ and junctions to monitor traffic.

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