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‘Change China’s one-child policy to avert demographic crisis’

PTI [1]
Oct 31, 2012

Beijing: As China headed for once-in-a- decade leadership change, pressure mounted on the ruling Communist Party to change its controversial three-decade-old one-child policy, blamed for the looming demographic crisis.

China, world’s most populous country, should consider adjusting its family planning policy, as structural problems have overtaken excessive growth as the most significant population-related problem, an official think-tank has said in a daring proposal.

Population is heading for negative growth and an ultra-low fertility rate, as well as faces issues related to aging, gender imbalances, urbanization, an expanding shortage of migrant workers and an only-child generation, said a report by China Development Research Foundation.

The report said the government should gradually loosen the one-child policy over the next three years in regions where family planning has been strictly implemented. By 2020, there will be no need to continue birth planning, as people will make more rational decisions on birth issues, it said.

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