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‘Chav’ is a weapon of class hatred and should be banned, claims think tank

Rebecca Camber
UK Daily Mail [1]
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The word ‘chav’ is a weapon of class hatred and should be banned, Left-wing academics claim.

The Fabian Society believes the term, a common derogatory expression for a brash white working-class person, is offensive.

It wants to silence those who use it to describe loutish types in Burberry baseball caps, scraped-back hairdos and clanking fake gold ‘bling’ jewellery.

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The obnoxious teenage single mother Vicky Pollard, played by Matt Lucas in the BBC comedy Little Britain, is a prime example.

Tom Hampson, The Fabian Society’s editorial director, said the word chav must be banished from enlightened circles.

It should not be acceptable to anyone who believes they are ‘progressive’ in their politics, he said.

‘You cannot consider yourself of the Left and use the word,’ he added.

‘It is sneering and patronising and, perhaps most dangerous, it is distancing, turning the chav into the kind of feral beast that exists only in tabloid headlines.

‘This is middle-class hatred of the white working class – pure and simple.’

Mr Hampson, writing in the quarterly Fabian Review, argues that the word chav is ‘way above’ the threshold of acceptability. ‘It is deeply offensive to a largely voiceless group and – especially when used in normal middleclass conversation or on national TV – it betrays a deep and revealing level of class hatred.’

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