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Chavez boasts nuclear cooperation with Russia

AFP [1]
Sunday, Nov 9, 2008

President Hugo Chavez said Saturday he was looking forward to signing nuclear cooperation agreements with Russia during an upcoming visit to Venezuela by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

“Atomic energy. Technology for Venezuela. We are going to have atomic reactors, and they’ll soon accuse us of building 100 atomic bombs,” Chavez told a rally of supporters a day after a Russian delegation left Caracas where it prepared for Medvedev’s visit.

Chavez said he would sign nuclear cooperation agreements “for peaceful purposes” when Medvedev visits Caracas toward the end of November.

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“It has to be said,” Chavez said about his non-aggressive plans for nuclear energy, adding that the only “giant and infinite atomic bomb” Venezuela posessed was “the morale and consciousness” of the Venezuelan people.

“You are our atomic bomb,” he said, apparently trying to forestall the barrage of international criticism his nuclear deal with Russia will likely trigger.

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The United States has already slammed Chavez for his arms deals with Moscow and considers a nuclear Venezuela under Chavez an ominous possibility.

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